Remain Fashionable When The Rain Come

For too long we have misjudged the weather, turning up to work sartorially defeated, in sodden slip-on mules and inside out brollies.

So now it’s time we brought an end to the dodgy fashion ensembles we throw together in a last minute bid to shield ourselves from the rain.

Listen up, for this is the last time you will ever find yourself in a weather-induced clothing conundrum.

We’ve laid down the rules on dressing for those unanticipated downpours in the below cheat sheet:


Create your own rainbow

Thrust your umbrellas up against the rain and prepare to sartorially drench yourself in colour. Rule number one, don’t let the torrential downpour get you down. Instead, show the weather who’s boss and don head-to-toe colour.

The spring/summer ’17 shows were a catalyst for sunshine shades, with Gucci and Celine coveting this season’s most sought after hue while Emilio Pucci introduced us to positive dressing.

So forget it’s January and embrace fashion’s newfound optimism. Make a statement in the complicated adversity of politics and stock your wardrobe with rainbow shades.


Tell the rain where to stick it

With a slogan tee of course. It’s never been cooler to wear your words so this season tuck a statement top/jumper into raw-hem jeans and a weather-proof anorak.

Take inspo from Ashish and Ashley Williams and say it, don’t let the rain spray it. Just make sure to ditch the sandals.


Channel your grannie

If here’s anyone who knows how to handle the weather, it’s your grannie. So take inspo from your beloved this season and bring back the anorak. Before you shrug at the very idea of donning the famous fashion faux-pas, look who has been coveting the trend.

Joseph introduced us to the waterproof in bold cobalt so don’t shy away from colour (just maybe leave the slip dress at home).

Finish the look with trackpants, trainers and a hoodie. Who knows? Maybe your grannie will take sartorial inspo from you next…


Hoods up

Gone are the days when you had to bare your arms to the cold in an attempt to shield yourself from the rain with your coat draped across your head.