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Party on Regent Street Fashion

If you needed an excuse to dress up in your stylish spring attire, then we’ve got one for you: we’re teaming up with luxury fashion brand Coach to host a big party to celebrate the release of Coach Space. This limited-edition capsule collection features motifs inspired by rockets, spaceships, astronauts and planets. Basically, it’s every cool girl’s dream.

Taking place on 24th May at Coach House on Regent Street, the party will give all of you fashion-savvy ladies a chance to check out the intergalactic fashion staples on offer. Plus, we’ll be coming round with cosmic cocktails, and Grazia’s very own Gemma Hayward and Polly Knight will be serving up some individual styling sessions, too!

And what’s more, the first 100 lucky guests will leave with an amazing goodie bag (the first 25 will get one that includes a £50 Coach shopping voucher!). And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be hosting a prize giveaway on the night, where you can win a Coach Rogue bag worth £895. So, what are you waiting for? Get the details on how to attend, below!


Party details

Date: 24th May 2017

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: Coach House, 206 Regent St, London W1B 5BN


How to RSVP

Please email with your and your guest’s full name (see disclaimer below for terms & conditions).

By RSVPing to this event you agree to be updated via e-mail with relevant offers and promotions directly from Coach, Inc. See: If you do not wish to receive these, please quote “No marketing” in your email.

Super Stylists on Fashion

The fashion names you need to know (but probably have never heard of until now)…

When it comes to the red carpet, it doesn’t get better than Cannes Film Festival. Okay, so you’ve got your Met Gala, which falls in the ‘avant-garde-get-up-or-go-home’ club. The Oscars…Which is, more often than not, an ode to Old Hollywood. Cannes, however, channels European glamour in the best possible way; with A-listers drenched in diamonds and exceptionally chic designer gowns from Chanel to Prada. It also kicks off in mid-May. Summer film festival = lots of primary colours getting a look in (remember Bella Hadid’s slinky satin red number last year?).

But these ladies did not wake up looking like that. Thank god. Yes, those perfectly polished looks you see in the magazine have taken hours of prep before the paps can get snap happy. And the #1 person any true fashionista would have on speed dial during the event? Her stylist.

So, with the 70th Cannes Film Festival less than a week away, Grazia’s got the low-down on the mega stylists to follow on Instagram, who have dressed everyone from Kristen Stewart to Sienna Miller for the week-long affair on the French Riviera…

Ahead Of Arket’s London Launch

Because our northern neighbours do it best…

It’s official. We’re experiencing the second wave of the global fashion epidemic that is, Scandi-mania.

Last winter, we rushed to invest in all things ‘Hygge’ from sweet-smelling candles to Ganni’s cult tee. And surely enough, just months after the Danish trend infiltrated the British market, we were introduced to ‘Lagom’ – the sustainable approach to life.

But this season, we’ve stepped our obsession with all things Scandi up a notch. Yep, we’ve even gone so far as to ship the Swedish go-to brands the fash pack rely on to our shores.

Scandi go-to Weekday is setting up shop in London this summer alongside H&M’s newest brainchild, Arket. Intrigued? Just imagine if & Other Stories and COS had a fashion baby… Yup, it’s set to change our shopping game forever.

So in celebration of the impending Scandi invasion, we’ve scoured the shops for must-have items to covet ahead of the grand launch…


The ‘It’ Swimsuit

It’s finally that time of year again. And you’re soon going to have to make the biggest fashion splurge of the season on the ‘It’ swimsuit. And good news, as the Scandi fash pack do swimwear well. We have our hearts set on this copper one-piece from Swedish high street fixture, COS.

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Remain Fashionable When The Rain Come

For too long we have misjudged the weather, turning up to work sartorially defeated, in sodden slip-on mules and inside out brollies.

So now it’s time we brought an end to the dodgy fashion ensembles we throw together in a last minute bid to shield ourselves from the rain.

Listen up, for this is the last time you will ever find yourself in a weather-induced clothing conundrum.

We’ve laid down the rules on dressing for those unanticipated downpours in the below cheat sheet:


Create your own rainbow

Thrust your umbrellas up against the rain and prepare to sartorially drench yourself in colour. Rule number one, don’t let the torrential downpour get you down. Instead, show the weather who’s boss and don head-to-toe colour.

The spring/summer ’17 shows were a catalyst for sunshine shades, with Gucci and Celine coveting this season’s most sought after hue while Emilio Pucci introduced us to positive dressing.

So forget it’s January and embrace fashion’s newfound optimism. Make a statement in the complicated adversity of politics and stock your wardrobe with rainbow shades.


Tell the rain where to stick it

With a slogan tee of course. It’s never been cooler to wear your words so this season tuck a statement top/jumper into raw-hem jeans and a weather-proof anorak.

Take inspo from Ashish and Ashley Williams and say it, don’t let the rain spray it. Just make sure to ditch the sandals.


Channel your grannie

If here’s anyone who knows how to handle the weather, it’s your grannie. So take inspo from your beloved this season and bring back the anorak. Before you shrug at the very idea of donning the famous fashion faux-pas, look who has been coveting the trend.

Joseph introduced us to the waterproof in bold cobalt so don’t shy away from colour (just maybe leave the slip dress at home).

Finish the look with trackpants, trainers and a hoodie. Who knows? Maybe your grannie will take sartorial inspo from you next…


Hoods up

Gone are the days when you had to bare your arms to the cold in an attempt to shield yourself from the rain with your coat draped across your head.


A Grazia Fashion Guide

First dates can be terrifying (cue over-thinking about every possible scenario going into overdrive). There’s the obvious: What if we realise we have zero in common. Practical: If we realise we have zero in common, when is polite enough to ditch the guy altogether and make sure the night isn’t totally wasted i.e. rush home to catch up on S2 of Master of None / grab a drink with nearby pal. But, even before The Date you’ll no doubt have stumbled on the inevitable what to wear ‘mare: Are faded jeans too casual? Is a red mini slip Clueless-style too dressy?

A couple of months ago, I went on a first date to Franco Manca straight from work. I had spent the morning trying on about 11 different outfits, before reverting back to my first option: A ‘60s-style A-line dress I’ve worn a million times (he’d never seen it), red leather ankle boots and a suede jacket. And a not-so-chic red face, as I was running 30 minutes late. Unintentionally, I might add.

‘Days before my first date with my now-boyfriend, I stressed over curating the perfect look,’ says Danielle Fowler, Junior Digital Writer at Grazia. ‘In the end I opted for a fail-safe Zara striped blouse, black skirt from & Other Stories and trusty block heels. I had convinced myself that I couldn’t go out in platform boots and equally didn’t want to scare him off in my sock/loafer combo just yet… By the second date, I seemed to have forgotten all about first date fashion etiquette and went wild with snakeskin ankle boots, a metallic gold mini skirt and my favourite floor-scraping duster from Monki.’

There is no one-style-suits-all formula with it comes to what to wear on a first date, but these are some rules every single girl can take away before the ‘big day’…


Research your location

Are you meeting for a picnic in the park? Your local pub? A plush three course dinner at that restaurant that’s just opened? Deciphering your date spot will help with the wardrobe planning no end. Also, if it’s the latter option, we suggest vetoing those super-tight skinnies.


Stick to your staples

While it may be tempting to blow half of your pay-packet on a splurge in Topshop (we’ve all been there), do not forget about your go-to pieces that always make you feel good. Be it that cool ‘Winona’ tee and jeans combo or a colourful tunic dress. ‘Being confident and most importantly comfortable is massively important,’ Dr Carolyn Mair, Reader in Psychology at London College of Fashion tells Grazia. ‘Feeling good in whatever you are wearing, makes you look good.’

A Hairdresser for Kate Middleto’s Hair

From expensive designer dresses to high-street court shoes, the Duchess of Cambridge is able to sell out any fashion item in a matter of hours, making her influence on the nation’s style undeniable.

And it’s not just Kate’s clothes we’re after — the royal is famed for her gorgeous mane of hair; the term “Kate Middleton hair” is Googled tens of thousands of times a year, with many hoping to emulate those tumbling, glossy waves.

There’s little chance that I can afford to replicate Kate’s outfits — but maybe, just maybe, I could get my own Princess-worthy head of hair?

I decided to visit one of London’s top hairdressers, Inanch Emir, in her city center salon, to see if she could transform my straggly locks into a ‘do worthy of the Duchess.

It wasn’t going to be an easy task — mainly because while Kate has thick, lustrous hair, mine is fine, flyaway and thins at the ends, rather than getting thicker, like the Duchess’s.

The solution to this is extensions, says Emir, who specializes in the art of applying them. She said she’d be very surprised if Kate doesn’t have extensions herself (hair normally gets thinner as we age, whereas Kate’s has seemed to get thicker since her university days). This was a relief to hear — maybe I could achieve the Duchess’s look, after all!

There are two extension options to choose from: first, you can have clip-in extensions, which look remarkably realistic. Although they’re temporary, once they’ve been removed you can keep them, so you have your own ready-made swishy locks whenever you need to look extra marvelous.

Secondly, there are permanent extensions, which are fixed into the hair using polymer bonds, and which last around three months. I decided to go for this option because, HELLO, who wouldn’t want hair like Kate for a whole quarter of a year?!

The process started with my hair being washed. If you want to create a big, bouncy blow-dry a la Kate, Emir recommends using minimal amounts of conditioner, as it weighs the hair down.

Next, my hair was brushed through to detangle it (always a challenging process) and roughly dried, as tresses need to be dry in order for the extensions to stick.

I was amazed how quickly a couple of rows of extensions can be added to your head — I’d always assumed they were a full day job, but within half an hour, Emir had attached a whole bunch of expertly-matched hair into my own locks, and then cut them to the same length.

Suits Are Making A Fashion Comeback

The 1980s was a period where women embraced having a bold fashion style: they played with their silhouettes by opting for oversized clothing and they worked shoulder padding like never before. And now, we sense that the trends from this stylish decade are making a comeback, because we’ve spotted lots of supersized suits making an appearance on the runways, and on the streets.

So, we’ve decided to team up with designer and high street outlet McArthurGlen Designer Outlets to share some of our favourite ‘Supersized Suits’-inspired pieces we spotted when we toured the Ashford centre, in Kent.

Channel the ’80s by rocking an outfit with strong shoulders to create the illusion of a bold silhouette. For a modern twist on the trend, look for shirts or blazers with frill detailing near the shoulders.

Wide leg, boxy trousers will replace tight-fitted ones this Summer. Opt for a pair that’s high-waisted to draw in your waist and give you an hourglass figure.

Lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen are perfect for Summer, and are suitable for both work and evening dressing.

Lets You Get Your Pour a Glass Anywhere

Bridal showers, PTA meetings, those hellish hours spent in doctors’ office waiting rooms — basically, any time you’ve secretly wished for a stiff drink — will never be the same. One company’s designed a line of handbags with a secret pouch for storing (and serving) wine, and a whole lot of it at that.

Each of Bella Vita’s PortoVino totes can hold up to two bottles of wine, which you can pour into a refillable pouch and store in a zippered, insulated pocket within the bag. No one will know it’s there — until you unbutton a flap on the side of the bag, pull out the spout and pour yourself a glass.

Though the bags, which retail for $75 apiece, can technically hold any drink, they’re designed specifically for vino, allowing you to “take the party with you” wherever you go. (Just make sure you’re not breaking any open container laws, okay?)

The best part, though? The tote’s roomy enough to hold your essentials: keys, wallet, phone, selection of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, bottle opener, four-pack of glasses. You know, the absolute can’t-get-through-an-afternoon-withouts.

You see, women known for how they dress (Gilda Ambrosio, Caroline Issa, Giorgia Tordini, etc.) have been stepping out during the international Fashion Weeks wearing none other than trousers with elastic bands stitched to the hems that go around your foot so they stay in place while you do Jane Fonda aerobics or whatever. In other words, they are trying to make that ’80s relic, the stirrup pant, happen again — but actually making quite a convincing case for them?

First Plus Size Line

Shopping for curvy women can be difficult at the best of times, but finding workout wear is even harder (apparently, most brands believe that people above a size 16 don’t exercise). But that’s all about to change thanks to Nike, which has just launched its first plus-size range.

“Nike recognizes that women are stronger, bolder and more outspoken than ever,” a spokesperson from the athletic brand explained. “In today’s world, sport is no longer something that she does, it’s who she is. The days where we have to add ‘female’ before ‘athlete’ are over. She is an athlete, period. And having helped fuel this cultural shift, we celebrate these athletes’ diversity, from ethnicity to body shape.”

If you thought producing a plus-size range was just a case of making bigger versions of existing pieces, you’d be wrong.

“When we design for plus size, we aren’t just proportionately making our products larger,” said Helen Boucher, vice president of women’s training apparel. “That doesn’t work because as we know, everyone’s weight distribution is different.”