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The Most Memorable Dresses Of All Time

Next Wednesday evening, the A-list crowd will flock to the French Riviera for the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

As one of the most prestigious awards ceremony in the fashion calendar, there’s no denying that all eyes will be on the stars. And with the media spotlight set to fall on the A-list, they’re sure to don their greatest attire.

So ito mark the upcoming celebration of on-screen talent, we take a look back at the most memorable looks in Cannes history…


Back in 1952, Brigitte Bardot attended the Cannes Film Festival in a cold-shoulder gown and fur stole.

Back in 1955, Sofia Loren attended the 8th Cannes Film Festival. The actress was just 21 years of age at the time.

Jane Birkin attended Cannes Film Festival in 1974 with Serge Gainsbourg. The actress donned an asymmetric dress finished with the now iconic basket bag. What else?

Clothes That Super Cute

You never need an excuse to treat yourself to a few new fashion staples, especially when those staples are space themed. Intergalactic, retro styles that draw inspiration from the 1960s are set to be big for 2017, and fashion brand Coach knows this. Currently, we’re crushing hard on Coach Space, their limited edition collection that takes a youthful approach to space exploration and features cool-girl varsity detailing…

A bright blue, luxury leather satchel screams attitude. And when paired with retro space symbols, including rockets, planets and astronauts, it becomes so much more rebellious.

Coach Space is inspired by dreamers, rebels and romantics, so it’s fitting that some of their clutch bags have references to space travel. In this bag in particular, we love the out-of-this-world star studs that look just like a constellation.

A bold blue bag has a relatively subtle nod to the solar theme, as colours normally associated with space fashion trends include red, blue and purple.

Contemporary designs mixed with retro symbols are key in the Coach Space collection. The above bag in particular contrasts crisp white colouring with bold space motifs.